Ben Big

Dog guard dog memecoin with balls

Dog memecoin with a purpose –
guarding your coins

BenBig contract address:

(add this address to your Metamask manually)
Request BenBig coins on Ethereum, and soon PulseChain
Post your address as a comment on BenBig videos, we will send you BenBig coins.

BenBig is an imaginary English bulldog guard dog. Any resemblance to any living person is purely accidental.

1000000000000000 BenBig coins issued.

This is how you get coins:
Do something for BenBig.
Create and share memes.
Share memes.
Create video.
Talk about BenBig.

BenBig coins will be given to those who do good stuff in the spirit of BenBig. Its up to you.

BenBig purpose is to be a mean guard dog for your coins, all of our coins.
Therefore BenBig memes and general cryptocurrency safety rules go hand in hand. All crypto users need to learn and be reminded of all the basic and advanced security stuff, again and again. This is the purpose of BenBig.

Get going!!

BenBig is created by Hans Johansen
Message me what you have done for BenBig, memes, sharing memes, fun stuff AND your Ethereum / PulseChain address and I will send you BenBig coins! Get going.
hanslysglimt at gmail com
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